The goit-fontproduct range will be launching here soon!


Our product range will become available for purchase from our website once our Indiegogo campaign as been concluded.

You have watched the Go it !  - video . . .

You are surprised . . . there is nothing of a product in the video . . .?

Yes, the Go it !  - philosophy front-runs the Go it !  - products . . .

Here it is . . . !!!


Bet the Go it !  - philosophy appeals to you  -

No surprise !

You would not want to be thought of

"just going for it" . . .

. . . would you?

Our small beginnings allow for lots of Go it !

Expect much more than this starter series of t-shirts and caps.

Picture people in the following real life situations, dressed most appropriately in top quality

Go it ! branded clothing:

Our first range of products 

From factories in South Africa and the United States, with distribution in Europe

Ring spun cotton T-shirts (160g)

S / M / L / XL / 2XL / 3XL

. . . and here is to Go it ! - more than expected . . .

Ladies: S / M / L / XL

Men: S / M / L / XL / 2XL / 3XL

There is no end to it . . . 

Your contribution will allow Go it ! access to radical means of spreading the

Go it ! CALL 


Registering the TM internationally

Complete clothing ranges

An inspirational book of the best of Go it ! experiences

A reality TV show in search of the top Go it ! performers

Inspirational speakers

More proverbs

Extreme sport sponsorship

Add to the list


Visit and checkout her creativity in the fashion environment.

Her business can make inroads in the national and international market when she can add a costly textile sublimation printer to her equipment.

Help her raise funds for this US$500,000 textile printing equipment