The Go it! Book

A collection of the best real life goit-font experiences

The origin of this book is from someone who has gone beyond all limits and learned from experience what it takes to achieve beyond expectations.

The introduction to this book is an overview of where Go it! comes from and where you can take it to. It describes what Go it! is definitely not and what Go it ! is ultimately meant to reach through those who realise that there is life after mediocrity. The endless list of Go it! proverbs is there for you to use as regular reminders to Go it! all the time, under all circumstances. You are invited to add to the proverbs and reminders, so others can benefit from it.

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The essence of the book lies in the inspiration from a collection of the best real life Go it ! experiences that some real Go it ! performers share with us. Their commitment that comes from inside is evident in their passion to outperform all limits. Their dreams that realise in Go it ! strategies and goals take them to unexpected heights. Their lifestyle make them react spontaneously in a Go it ! driven way. There is no end to how and where and when people with a Go it ! attitude live a life beyond expectations.

Go it beyond expectations !